May 28 2017 Oahu South Shore

Lau, with a bucket throw:

oahu local surfing south shore

Mike (reverse sequence – I should do this in order next time). Great cuttie on this wave:

Glenn – caught lot’s of big ones this day:


I think this guy’s name is Lance:

I know you, but I don’t know your name, sorry. Great flow:

I’ve seen this short-boarder too, but I don’t know his name. Great casual hack on this one:

Not Sure who this guy is but nice hittie:


Unknown Short-boarder with an epic top turn and fin slide:

Mr Flow, I will call you:

Oops – too much – but recovered:

This girl hangs legit 10 like few others:


Lau Again – always on the epic sets:

Lance (I think) again. This guy rips:

I don’t know your name, sorry:


Lionel, I think

October 22, 2015

epic south shore waves continue this week, month, year!

new friends from the mid-day shift:

you can click to enlarge the pictures…

if anyone knows this girl please send her a link – i tried but couldn’t quite catch her email

001 002 003

imma dawn patroller – i don’t know this guy either – nice cross step action

004 005

dr bruce with a sick hack sequence – heavy buckets…


007 008 009 010

mr “zero surf” in the barrel

011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018

epic waves

019 020 021